Spirit of Oneness


In all that we do, may the Spirit of Oneness be our Guiding Force.  We are united by holy Love.

We are an interspiritual church.  We may refer to religion or use terms typically thought of as religious, but we are a "free-thinking, open-heart, God of your own understanding" kind of a church.  

We believe every person and sentient being is an expression of the holy divine. 

God is Good!  God is Love!  God is Life!

All of our programs are based on these principles.


Little Church in the Barn


The heart of EOLHEC is in Hartville, Ohio, where we meet in a modest storage barn lovingly refurbished into a warm and inviting small group environment.  

This is our sacred space where we share our hearts and learn how to use God's healing gifts.

We hold our Interspiritual Service on the first Sunday of every month at 11 a.m., followed by a delicious vegan meal served at noon.  You are invited to come!  

Visitors at other times are by appointment only 

and for scheduled events.

Upcoming Events

Indigo Children's Program


We are developing a wonderful program for children!  We currently have Sunday School, plus we hold special events.  We are accepting youth volunteers, too!  We have some very exciting program expansion plans for the future.  

Our program incorporates organic gardening, animal care, plant and wildlife appreciation and so many wonderful things!  We believe children learn best through real life experience, which includes laughter, music, movement, nature, art and of course love, acceptance, encouragement and nurturing.  

All meals and snacks which we serve are all natural and vegan.

Indigo Children's Program

Genesis 1


No matter religious belief, it is quite clear that the design of this planet supports life on this planet.  All religions and folklore have a story about an idyllic environment in the beginning of life on earth.  We look to the elements which have been in place since that time to find what is needed to thrive!  In the beginning, it was all good.  We believe it still is, when we align our will and our action with our design.

Genesis 1 is our online message, which explores this type of thought. It is our "church online."


Prayer Requests


Please know we are always with you in prayer, seeing the perfect outcome to all situations unfolding for you in your life.  We pray for your peace of mind, healing throughout your body, the realization of plenty and all the best things for you and your loved ones.  We pray for world peace and love.  

Allow your mind to let go of all worries and focus on peace.  Let God be God in you.  God is Love, God is Good, God is Life!

You may send prayer requests to eolhec@aol.com.

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God's Gifts of Healing: The Essentials of Life!

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Sit back and enjoy this video based on the book, God's Gifts of Healing: The Essentials of Life!  

Make a Difference!

Angels Being Accepted!


We are accepting Volunteers, Interns and Apprentices into all of our programs!  Whether you are interested in learning more in a special area, giving of your time and talent to further the mission of healing the world, or perhaps you're just looking for like-minded friends...we would love to have you on our team. 

Please fill out an Interest Form now!

Internships are also listed on Handshake.

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Help Us Help Others

Your generous donations help us in providing education and services, developing our programs, and supporting environmental, humanitarian and animal causes.  Thank you for your support!

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