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What good is it to learn if you can't find what you need to put what you've learned into practice?  We're making a point of selecting high quality natural health products and offering them to you at non-profit prices so you can put what we teach to work for you in your life!  We're adding products in every category as we set up our accounts and as finances allow.  The more you shop, the more options we'll have for you!  You'll want to shop with us often to see what is new.  (We may even have products we've made!)  And of course, all of this benefits the programs of Essentials of Life Holistic Enrichment Center.  Many thanks!

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We have premium natural health products available to you at significantly less than retail prices through membership programs.  Upon joining any of these programs through our organization, you also receive ongoing free product support and many other  resources offered to members.  You can also qualify for referral bonuses and commissions, if you so choose.  We are NOT a high pressure group.  We are professionally based and focused on natural health.  Please see what we can offer to you!  

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You can find many of the resources you need on our Affiliate Pages.  These are programs we've joined which will send us a donation for every purchase made through our links.  These are purchases you may already be making, and your price won't be affected at all.  Hooray!  Be sure to click through our links when you shop!

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Your support and contributions will enable us to provide quality resources at the lowest possible prices and offer support to those in need.  Thank you for giving in love.

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