Supporting Each Other


We are here for each other, to listen and support, with love, helping to remove all barriers to healing, working together in the best interest of all.

Supporting Our Programs


We work together to support the programs we have created, through our prayers, our donations, our time.

Supporting the World!


We support local and global communities, individuals, groups, animals and the environment in healing, working to restore peace to the planet.  

Ways in Which We Offer Support


Volunteer Service

Our programs are dependent upon volunteers and, guess what?  It's a win/win!  Volunteering not only helps us, but it is so rewarding to the volunteer!  And often quite healing.  

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Benevolence Fund

We are occasionally able to help another in need through offering support in some small way.  We are still growing our fund, but it is our intention to be here for those who come to us needing help.

Service Projects

We are here for our community at large, both local and worldwide.  We periodically provide a service or raise funds in an effort to help.

Tithing as a Church

As a church, we tithe our monthly revenue to outside organizations doing good work we admire.  We tithe to a different organization each month, so send us your recommendations!

Thank YOU for your kind support!

Your generous donation will help us offer support to others in need, through our benevolence fund, service projects and tithes.  It will also help us in providing support through our programming in areas of research, services, resources, education and training.  

Thank you for YOUR kind support.

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Contact Us

Please contact us to request help or to offer suggestions for service projects and tithes.