Supporting Each Other

We are here for each other, to listen and support, with love, helping to remove all barriers to healing, working together in the best interest of all.

Supporting Our Programs

We work together to support the programs we have created, through our prayers, our donations, our time.

Supporting the World!

We support local and global communities, individuals, groups, animals and the environment in healing, working to restore peace to the planet.  

Ways in Which We Offer Support

Volunteer Service Reward System

All volunteers, interns and apprentices are eligible to receive discounted or free services, products and classes as a thank you for giving your time! You can use your hours to benefit yourself or a loved one or friend. We have many areas of interest in which you can work, on location or even from home. Worthwhile, educational and always plenty of fun!

Benevolence Fund

Our fund is small, but with donations, it will grow to help many good people and animals.  If you can help, please donate through the link below.  If you need help, please contact us and we'll see if we can find some way of providing assistance or help out with a referral.  

Service Projects

Do you know of a family in need (could be you) or of an organization that helps others?  We are always looking for suggestions for service projects, where we, as a church, can offer support to others in need. 

Tithing as a Church

As a church, we tithe our monthly revenue to outside organizations doing good work we admire.  We tithe to a different organization each month, so send us your recommendations!

Thank YOU for your kind support!

Your generous donation will help us offer support to others in need, through our benevolence fund, service projects and tithes.  It will also help us in providing support through our programming in areas of research, services, resources, education and training.  Thank you for YOUR kind support.

Pay with PayPal or a debit/credit card

Contact Us

Please contact us to request help or to offer suggestions for service projects and tithes.