Teaching People to Teach People to Teach


It is our mission to reawaken the birth-right of every being on earth; that of abundant life given freely to all.  We were provided all we need to thrive on this planet, endlessly available within and without each of us.  The power to heal is inherent, and the tools are abundant in our natural world.  Love is the key and so we share.  A sense of lack results out of greed, but a plethora of goodness arises from love.  Through teaching people to teach people to teach, we help pave the way to the realization of peace.  We provide education, but it is through our efforts in training that this message is truly spread.  What used to be common knowledge is all but lost.  We're here to help bring it back.  Please join with us as we Give Folk Medicine Back to the Folks!  

Professional Training


Our Training Program takes our Educational Programs one step further by offering the behind the scenes look at how to use what we are teaching on a professional level.  This applies to all areas in each of our programs.  Whatever your passion is, we can help you turn it all-natural and assist you in your professional development and presentation.

The cost?  Time and effort.  That's all.  Your volunteer work is part of your training.  What you will gain in joy, friendship and learning is well worth the cost of your time, plus we give added benefits in the form of reductions in cost (often free) for products, services, classes and events!  We offer a small gas stipend, too.

Hands-On Experience


LOTS of hands-on opportunities!  Working with children, adults, farm animals, wildlife, gardening, food forestry, sustainability, plant-based foods, plant medicine and other forms of natural healing, non-toxic living, working on fundraising and awareness campaigns, many hands-on ways to learn while you serve!  Even the office work is interesting! (Non-profit management.)  Lots of learning and fun!

There is so much to be learned from getting in there and rolling your sleeves up to work.  You can only read so much in a book!  This is an integrated program that touches all areas of holistic healing and all areas of LIFE.  We hope you will join us.  There are lessons to be learned every day.

It All Begins Here

Be sure and visit our "Get More Involved" page and fill out our Volunteer Interest Form.  We will contact you with more information and a big thanks!  If it's a Training opportunity you're looking for, please denote on your form whether this will be an Internship (to satisfy requirements for an outside program of learning) or an Apprenticeship (to develop your own program of learning.)  We look forward to hearing from you!

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