Plant-Based Nutritive Foods Program

Learn More About the Health Benefits of a Plant-Based (Vegan) Lifestyle

Fresh fruits and vegetables, raw nuts and seeds, whole sprouted grains, a full spectrum of herbs, rich probiotics...what could be healthier?  Not much!  This is food the way it was intended to be!  Learn how to create vibrant health through the power of plants!   Vegan diets are healthful, may prevent and treat chronic diseases, and  are better for the environment, according to the Academy of Nutrition  and Dietetics, the world’s largest organization of nutrition  professionals. 

Learn How to Prepare Plant-Based Meals and Desserts

How can pizza taste good without cheese?  How can cookies not fall apart when you bake them without any eggs?  What can you use to make stroganoff now?  What about chili?  Or hamburgers?  Or ICE CREAM?  We can have fun exploring these questions together and tasting all the yummy results their answers will bring!  Subscribe to our newsletter for announcements of classes, or become part of our volunteer team if you really want hands-on experience and help us prepare meals and snacks for events!

Learn the Art of Preparing Raw Plant-Based Meals and Desserts

Raw plant-based foods are vegan foods with a nutritional boost...(as if plant-based alone isn't healthy enough!)  Raw vegan foods are whole plant foods which are in their raw, unprocessed state and have never been exposed to high heats.  When we prepare these types of foods, we stop at 112F.  We have served hundreds of meals in this fashion, and we have found there's nothing that can't be made to taste great! In fact, we've even made a few wedding cakes!

Have the Opportunity to Participate in Festivals and Special Events

As part of our learning experience and to help expose more of the public to these types of foods, we sometimes prepare foods for special events or act as a vendor.  This also helps to raise funds for group projects and other programs within our church at large.  Plus we prepare all the foods for events through Essentials of Life Holistic Enrichment Center.  We've been introducing people to this style of eating now for over five years, serving hundreds of meals.

Take Part in Helping Write Recipe Books!

We have written our first recipe book!  It is entitled, "Raw Kid Power:  How to Develop Your Child's Super Powers through the Use of Raw Plant-Based Nutrition."  Our next book, "Heaven's Bounty," is underway!  Would you like to see your name in the acknowledgements?  We need tasters, note takers, researchers, photographers, typists, proof-readers and did I mention tasters?

Get the Whole Family Involved

What better way to introduce your family to more nutritive foods than to make it fun for them to taste them?  Invite them to one of our events where food will be served, or better yet, invite them to come help prepare it!  We will also be planning special children's events.  Let's teach our kids early how to enjoy nutritive foods! Aging parents can greatly benefit, too.  EVERYONE can benefit from eating more nutritive foods.  Plant foods are full of life!  The recipes in our book, "Raw Kid Power: How to Develop Your Child's Super-Powers Through the Use of Raw Plant-Based Nutrition," are great for kids from birth to 120 years old!  

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Come to one of our food events

We have Friendship Lunch the first Sunday of every month after the Interspiritual Service at 11 a.m. at the Little Church in the Barn.  Lunch is at noon.  Come to one or to both!  We have other events, too.  Be sure to sign up for our newsletter!

You can also make arrangements for our students to prepare a meal for your own event.  More information at 


Come to one of our classes

We schedule classes from time to time on preparing cooked or raw vegan foods.  We also have classes on how to incorporate the healing power of herbs and essential oils into your recipes, how to make fermented foods, how to shop for the best ingredients and eating for health.  We also offer presentations to outside organizations and other groups. Write to us at to inquire.


Volunteer or Become an Apprentice or Intern

This is where the real learning occurs!  Roll up your sleeves and dig in!  Into the mixing bowl, that is!  The more time you put in, the more you will learn!  Plus, all classes are free for you!  There will be handout materials and didactic learning, but mostly it will be learning by doing.  We engage in activities such as creating and serving meals for events, making food items to sell for fundraising purposes, participating in health fairs and vegan festivals, book writing, teaching and other tasting!  It always comes back to that!  YUM!!

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Visit us on the first Sunday of every month at 11 a.m. for our Interspiritual Service and plan to stay for Friendship Lunch at noon!  We are in the Little Church in the Barn at the rear of the lot, behind the house.  We are on the corner of Mill St. and Howard Ct., in Hartville.

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