What is an Indigo Child?


An Indigo Child, to us, is hope for the future.  An Indigo Child represents the new generation of children coming into this world who will save it.  Indigo Children are full of compassion and vision.  They are innocent and connected to their spiritual selves.  Indigo Children are insightful, intuitive and highly creative.  There is an Indigo Child inside of us all!

What Is the Indigo Children's Program?


Essentials of Life Holistic Enrichment Center is developing a program for children of every age which focuses on humanity, mindfulness, creativity, empathy, social responsibility, respect and compassion for all beings.  We plan to offer many special events plus ongoing services, including home-schooling support, children's gardening, nature camp and special projects to benefit animals and people in need.  Let's grow together!

Indigo Sunday School and More!



We offer Indigo Sunday School on the first Sunday of every month at 11 a.m., during our Interspiritual Service, under the direction of a certified teacher.  Our classes are spiritual in nature rather than religious.  We teach principles of love, compassion, creativity, being good stewards of the earth, taking care of our bodies and minds, decision making and leadership skills, etc.

The Indigo Children's Program also frequently hosts "playshops," to coincide with any adult "workshops" being presented at the same time, in addition to special family events, where families are invited to visit the farm sanctuary or take part in other group activities.  Ongoing programming for older children and teenagers is underway.  In the meantime, they are invited to any services or events which are of interest to them or they can play, learn and help out with the littler ones.

We serve all plant-based foods at our events.

Location, Location, Location!


We hold our events at two very friendly locations.  One is at "The Little Church in the Barn" in Hartville, a cute little barn turned into a church, with hand painted walls and a garden. 

Our second location is at Evans Heaven Farm Animal Sanctuary and Wildlife Habitat in Marlboro Township, with...farm animals and wildlife!  Occasionally we also enjoy field trips to parks and other locations. 

For privacy and security reasons, we are open for scheduled events and by appointment only.  Please contact us first if you'd like to visit.



Step into a much brighter future with us by volunteering or otherwise helping us realize this vision of peace for the world.  We have many areas of service in which you can take part, and we have much to offer you in return, not the least of which is great joy! 

Invest Yourself in the Future!


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