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...A Place to Come Together and GROW!!!

The Learning Garden is a wonderful place for new gardeners of every age can learn more about gardening, and it is also a wonderful place for experienced gardeners to share their experience and also expand into new areas of expertise!  We are working to create many types of gardens.  Gardening is so good for the spirit, mind and body, all three!

Hartville Location...

We focus on gardening in smaller spaces at our location in Hartville, at The Little Church in the Barn.  We have four raised beds there, plus a small greenhouse, two hydroponic systems, vertical gardening, edible flowers, five fruit trees, a butterfly/hummingbird garden, indoor gardening, and a prayer labyrinth that we maintain, plus the church yard.  It's a very peaceful and joyful experience to work on gardening there.  Please let us know if you'd like to become more involved!

Marlboro Location...

Evans Heaven just got a little bit bigger!  We will be using increasing amounts of the land each year, as we develop and implement plans.  Fruit orchards, pumpkins, food to donate,  food to sell, food for the animals, flowers for the birds and the bees and the wildlife, lots of beautiful plants and trees to study and use for medicinal purposes, a food forest, a children's garden, a walapini (cool!) and so many other great things!  We have over 32 acres in all.  We would love for you to help plan and develop this gorgeous space with which we've been blessed!

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Give a man a salad and he eats for a day.  Teach him to garden and he eats forever!

Food is one of God's greatest gifts.  So much can come from one little seed in the soil, given access to sun and rain. Or inside, with a light and some water...It's really as easy as that.

We share our garden with those who participate, and we hope you will take what you learn to your own backyard and put it to work for you there.  The more of us who get involved, the more food there will be.  Please come and grow with us!  

The volunteer interest form is a good place to start.  We have excellent internship opportunities, as well.

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Help Our Cause

Your support and contributions will enable us to feed more people, feed more animals, teach more people to teach more people, enhance our children's program, and fund studies in organic gardening and (vegan) permaculture systems.  We appreciate your generosity. 

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